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5 Reasons to use Affordable Divorces

The Affordable Divorces ADVANTAGE

Professional documents

A simple divorce consists of 40 – 50 or more pages of complicated documents trying to determine how the documents are to be completed can be extremely difficult.  Add in the distribution of property and all the child custody, visitation and support documents and it can become a real mess.  When you buy the package of blank forms or the divorce kits, as they are now called, no where do they tell you this.

Save Time and Money

You will save money using Affordable Divorces. We include your Marriage Settlement Agreement (MSA), In house process serving, name change LOW income court fee waivers, as well as custom child custody and support documents, all at no additional cost. Affordable Divorces documents are low cost and could save thousands over the cost of an attorney

Personal Attention

Why waste time using a service that guarantees instant documents. It would seem obvious that you would want an experienced professional personally handling the preparation of your documents. At Affordable Divorces you will have just that a professional reviewing your information, and preparing the documents specifically for you, custom prepared for your individual situation.

Fast Processing

Don’t start out spending weeks typing, erasing, whiting out, messing up your divorce documents and then getting panicked into paying an attorney up to $4,500, only to find out that he or she did not do more than an hour’s work for you and that you could have had us do it in just one day for much less, had you simply allowed our staff to work for you.

16 Years


I have been completing divorce documents for its customers for over 15 years, and have completed over 10,000 divorce documents in that time. After all that time I know how to get your divorce done fast and stress free. With Affordable Divorces you are not just a number but a VALUED client.